The Crimson Covered Farm Life

Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead

The Winter is past

Song of Solomon 2:11 (New International Version) See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.

The winter is past. Hallelujah! The rains are over and even the flooding is gone, Praise God!
Now Spring’s beautiful glowers can rise from the ashes of winter and seek the face of their creator.
But for you and I to truly understand how beautiful the flowers are now, we need to explore the cold, lonely winter months.  We need to feel the freezing rain, hear the crispness of the virgin snowflakes being turned to scarlet rage and I dealt with anger.  We need to hear the howling winds trying to over power my howling cries and hear the broken cries of my heavenly Father’s heart.
For as I wept; He wept too!

God planted me into my family.  It’s a cozy flower bed with 4 generations of God-fearing, Christ loving believers.  We are all a little nuts. But that’s the best part of this family, you never know who is going to do what next!  My families flower bed was planted deep into our church community.  Other than preach, we did it all. Come to thing of it we even had a preacher in our family although I was too young to ever hear him preach.  I though every child spent Saturday’s vacuuming the church for Sunday morning! LOL.  It was great growing up there, I’ve taken my children back to see where I grew up a few times. Oh the memories!

Unfortunately, like many other children my family met my abuser at my own church.  He was a teenager. His sister was hired to babysit us and he came along. To play.

I never told my parents what happened until I was married and had a child.

They were shocked. Angry.

That was one of the hardest days of my life.  I felt I had hurt them by not trusting them enough to tell them when I was younger.

It was definitely a winter phase of my life. But remember after the winter, spring always comes!

To start to learn more about sexual abuse in the church may I suggest this link.

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