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Are you scared?

Are you Scared?
One of my fellow bloggers Sarah, author of Sarah Markley – Best Days of My Life
asked the following questions. “I’ve been talking a lot about fear lately on my blog and we’ve been having some great discussions. I’ve been on a personal mission this spring and summer to rid my heart and life of some fears that have held me down.
What are you most scared of? Has fear kept you from doing things you know you should?
Is courage difficult for you?”

This got me to thinking.  I’m learning that a lot of my fears can be placed back to being molested and raped as a child.

I’m afraid of small rooms, dark places, being left alone with any man other than my husband, people screaming at me, being locked in and not finding a way out.

I’m the one who deliberately sits next to the fire exit in a restaurant, who wants to be as close the exit on an airplane as possible, I sit with my back to the wall when I go to restaurants.  I prefer the big box stores to the smaller mom and pop stores because there are usually more people around.  I’d rather have you come to visit me then for me to go visit in your home.  It’s all fear.

Fear can be a learnt behaviour.

So, lately I’ve let the kids decide where to sit in a restaurant.  I position myself to have my back to the door. I take a friend with me to shop in smaller stores and I accept invites to visit people in their home.

Learning to live not in fear is a learnt behaviour, too.

That’s what I’m working on.  How about you? Do you have any fears?