The Crimson Covered Farm Life

Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead

Yes, I’ll pray for you.

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”Matthew 18:20 (NIV)
As a child I couldn’t explain the pain in my heart from being sexually assaulted.
So, I didn’t speak out, which allowed Satan the chance to scream all sorts of horrid lies at me.  As an adult I started to dissect those lies and see them for what they really are.  One of the lies that Satan convinced me of was that I asked for this to happen.  I truly believed for years that I had somehow conveyed to the young man who assaulted me that I wanted the abuse to happen.
Put on the brakes here!!!  I was 7 years old! I didn’t even understand what sex even was yet! How on earth could a 7 year old ask to be raped?   It was a lie from the pit of hell.
Once I started praying for God to heal me, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally. God provided that healing.  But He expected me to trust Him.  To love Him.  Every time, I stepped out in faith and trusted Him, He provided for me.  God started showing me the lies that I was believing and every time I released that lie, God’s truth flooded in its place.  God’s healing truth is better than any medicine.
Am I perfect, NO.
Do I make mistakes, YES!
Is God doing a glorious thing in me, Yes and Amen!
But God doesn’t expect me to do this on my own.  In fact in Mathew 18:20 He encourages us to gather together with friends.
But if you were sexually assaulted like I was, you know it makes people uncomfortable to talk about it, let alone to gather with you and pray for healing from the past.  That’s what I hope overtime you will feel comfortable doing here, for starters with me and eventually over time with other people just like you.
Take some time to write in the comment box below what you would like prayer for.  We don’t need all the details and you don’t need to give your name – I was once an Anonymous friend too!