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Why are you homeschooled?

In September of 2012, we decided that it was time to homeshcool our youngest two children.  The plans were all in place, the IEP’s written for our use in the home and a date had been chosen of when we would remove the children from the public school system.  I was nervous and I knew the children were nervous too.  I anticipated a bunch of questions and I wanted the children to be able to answer those questions themselves without requiring Mom to be their mouthpiece.  So, we created a poster to hang in our classroom.  This poster was called, “Why are you homeschooled?”  The following statements are what my children expressed to me.

  • more time with our parents
  • we can use more media
  • we can learn faster
  • God has provided the funds to afford this
  • I feel I have gaps in my learning, we are filling in those gaps
  • we are better protected from bad words, bullys, and mean attitudes
  • We can learn about God in ALL subjects
  • Without Godin our education we only learn half of what He wants us to learn
  • We think its a good idea
  • I am less distracted at home
  • Learning morals, what is right and what is wrong according to God’s word
  • We can learn using our style of learning
  • we can have shorter school days
  • It will be fun!

So, far they have been right!  We do have more time together, they are less distracted, they are learning at a pace that works for them.  Many gaps have been filled in with a bunch of “light bulb” moments when you can see on their faces that they finally get a concept or lesson.  Are our school days shorter, not really.  We are in a constant state of learning.  We don’t seem to be able to just go for a walk without talking about science, and God’s wonderful creation.  We can’t clean the house without talking about how Math, music and creating order all have areas that match.  Learning is no longer a 9am to 3pm period of their lives.  Learning is now available from the moment they open their eyes until they close them at night.

Why are you homeschooled?  Life is too short to stop learning!

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