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What do we like about homeschool?

In the end of September of 2012, we brought the children home to homeschool them.  I wanted them to have a voice in this process so we asked their opinions on if they wanted to come home and we checked in frequently about what they liked and didn’t like about being homeschooled.  It has now been five months since we started homeschooling.

In September, I asked the children the following question.  What do we like about homeschool?

They responded with the following:

  • Certain people we will see more often, like our homeschooled friends and family
  • Cool crafts and activities
  • We can be comfy while we learn
  • No bus rides!
  • Mom can pray with us before a test
  • We always have our schoolbooks – we never accidentally leave our books away from school
  • more time to play in the snow at recess
  • I can spend more time working with Daddy on the farm
  • hand’s on activities like science experiments

Then they asked me if we could make a list of what they didn’t like about homeschool.  Honestly, this made me nervous for half a second but I said sure let’s make a list.

What we don’t like about homeschool.

  • People we will miss.  Our school friends, our Teachers, our Principal and our beloved Educational Assistant.
  • No fog days, no ice days, no snow days, no P.A. days

I couldn’t do much about them missing their Teachers, Principal and E.A.  But we’ve been able to invite their friends over to visit and I made a promise that if the school buses were not running then they wouldn’t have to go to school either, if they didn’t want too!  So, that put most of their concerns to rest!


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