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Flap your wings and FLY!

After being nudged by my friends’ excitement about following the FlyLady system, I decided to ruffle my feathers and attempt a second take off myself.

I love the FlyLady.

I stumbled across this one web link in a Reader’s Digest magazine over 11 years ago.  Honestly, it feels like yesterday.  But I know I was pregnant with child #3 and I felt absolutely, totally helpless and defeated as a housewife.

God knew that we were just going to start a whirlwind journey with the birth of our special needs son. I’ve told people in the past, that The FlyLady (aka Marla) was my Jesus with skin on… and she’s never actually hugged me!  But she did give me wings to F.L.Y.  Encouraged me to take one-tiny babystep and sent me daily F.L.Y. wisdom that helped me to flap my wings.  I actually came to the point where I believe that I could do this crazy job called being a housewife, myself.

The acronym F.L.Y. stands for Finally Loving Yourself

and that is exactly what I needed to do.

I’ve spend my past few days, rebuilding my “Amy’s Brain in a Binder” which is my Control Journal.  You can find the babysteps to make your own Control Journal at The FlyLady website.  Then I sat down to build my youngest two kids their own Control Journals.  Using the template for the Teacher’s control journal and the Student control journal, I forged my version specifically for my kids.

I’d like to show you what I created, but understand this is specifically for my children.  It lists their chores, their school work classes, their schedules and it will not work for your wonderful children.  You must put the time and effort into make something that will work specifically for your unique family.  The exciting part is that it is not hard to do!

I chose to not use a binder for my two children because they both have personalized clip boards that they love using. (They take after their Mother with their love of office supply stores!)  The other reason is that one of my children will not remember to flip the page.  When they see that every box is checked off, they assume they are done… For The Day.  So, there was no way I could put the morning routine on one page, the school work routine on another, etc.  It just would frustrate this child.

So, I carefully knitted together everything they would need to do onto one page per day.  In my CJ if put a reminder to go downstairs and flip the page for the kids, so that it would be ready whenever they headed off to the school room in the morning.

I hope you enjoy them!

Christopher Weekly Control Journal Checklist

Heather Weekly Control Journal Checklist

And here is my weekly plan laid out.

Moms weekly plan