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Lesson 1: Historical Perspective of Electricity and Magnetism

Lesson 1: Historical Perspective of Electricity and Magnetism


Did you know that much of our knowledge of electricity and magnetism is because of inquisitive scientists like yourself?  These scientist had simple ideas that became of great importance to the science of electricity.  As you study electricity and magnetism you will be following in the great footsteps of some very important scientists like Ben Franklin, Alessandro Volta, Georg Ohm and many more!  Come explore the following links to learn about these and many more great men!  Once you have read about how these men helped to contribute to the study of electricity and magnetism, select one scientist and write down some facts about this person and place your fact sheet into your binder.

To learn about Thales of Miletus try this link:

Math Open Reference – Thales of Miletus

To learn about Ben Franklin try these links:

Liberty Kids – Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin’s Lightning Rod – Ben Franklin – How Shocking   Come do an experiment safely online with electricity!

To learn about William Gilbert try these links:

BBC – Historic Figures: William Gilbert

Science Experiments and Amusements for Children is a .pdf file which is actually a book from the 1960’s.  There are some great simple experiments for your children to do in this 81 page book.  I would recommend that parents do these experiments with their children since a few require the use of a candle and since most of our tech savvy children are not used to the daily use of an candle, caution is suggested.  I would recommend you start with the experiment called “Make Paper and Cork Dance under Glass” which you will find on page 4.

To learn about Dr. Luigi Galvani try this link:

Energy Quest – Dr. Luigi Galvani

To learn about Alessandro Volta try this link:

Energy Quest – Alessandro Volta

To learn about Georg Ohm try this link:

Energy Quest – Georg Ohm

To learn about Hans Christian Oersted try this link:

Famous Scientists – Hans Christian Oersted

To learn about Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry try this link:

Answers in Genesis – Michael Faraday

Smithsonian Archives – Joseph Henry