The Crimson Covered Farm Life

Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead


Twenty-three years ago, give or take a few months.  I first laid eyes on the man I would grow up to love with all my being.  Twenty-three years of flirting, longing and yearning for this man, my blessed Lord gave to me as a precious gift.  Twenty-three years of growing up, becoming the grace filled crimson covered women that I currently am.  I’m not the woman that God wants me to be yet.  But I’m not the same girl I was twenty-three years ago.


Eighteen years ago, give or take a few months. I first laid eyes on the blessing and joining of our love.  For the first 24 hours, I only remember seeing her foot and then her eyes.  I remember being so tired, so sick and oddly comforted that my baby lay down the hall in the NICU. Her daddy running back and forth between the two of us, making sure everything was going to be ok.  Eighteen years of growing up, becoming her own version of a grace filled crimson covered woman.

When she was sixteen years of age she was learning, growing, struggling to break free of the cocoon God had nestled her into and finally with His blessing He called her out. She fluttered, tested her wings, took off tested them and then came back to continue growing up sheltered under her father’s love for two more years.

When she was sixteen, we opened the door to dating.  She poked her head out, looked around her at her friends and classmates, saw their broken hearts, disastrous outcomes and lonely lives of raising children when they themselves were still children.  She asked us to shut the door until she was eighteen.

Now, the joining of our love has approached the door, asked for the key to unlock it.  We as her parents, quietly whisper to her that the door was already opened.  She simply had to decide on her own that she was ready.  She flutters to the door, her wings strong and strengthened with her studies of God’s word and declares to us, her parents what she wants in her future.

A Godly man, noble man, a truthful man, a loving man, one who understands his responsibilities and isn’t afraid to face them.

Out of a cold north wind, blows a godly, gentle breeze of a blessing.  A new friend, who treats her like the blessing she is.  A friend who works side-by-side with her father, showing himself approved by word and dead.  A friend who plays games with the siblings and never has a bitter word for annoying little brothers.  A friend who treats her mother with respect and honor.  A friend who is committed to finding himself in God’s house frequently.

Her father knowingly hugs her mother and whispers let her fly.  The mother opens her hand in farewell and instead has a hand slip into of hers and whispers that she wants us to join her. To share in the journey.  To continue to bless it.  Then they flutter never far from her family, learning more about each other every time to meet.  Soon, the man asked to court the young woman and the parents are very pleased.