The Crimson Covered Farm Life

Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead

Welcome Spring to our farm!

Mom, it’s not fun picking up the branches!  We had been outside for 5 minutes!  Little did she know that the greatest discovery of her lifetime was about to occur.





We found where the ladybugs live!  Oh, I can tell it will be a great year for those crimson bugs at our house!  They are living within just steps of our back door.  You should have seen the bunch that crawled away before we went for the camera!  My baby is in ladybug heaven!



Of course the big brother thought it would be more fun to use the weed whipper to destroy the ladybug hideout.  Oh, how fast big brothers can make a little sister cry.  Made me glad for 5 seconds I didn’t have a big brother to torment me.




As much as I love crimson coloured things, these little suckers had to come off my tree.  They had me thinking about other things I needed to trim out of my life.  FYI, I started with decluttering the sock drawer the next day.  I guess it’s all about the baby steps! LOL



I love watching the buds come out on the trees. It was this shot that I realized how pretty the sky was.





Ok, I have a weird fascination of taking pictures of the sky through tree limbs.  I can remember laying on the grass under this tall old tree in my grandparents backyard, right by their back door.  I remember watching the clouds move past the dark limbs of the tree.  I also remember trying to touch a cloud one day and did I ever get in trouble for climbing that high! LOL

Sort of makes me glad that our young trees are too young and small to climb for my adventuresome lad!

I’m so glad that spring had arrived.  I know that it means busy long hours for my husband as he prepares the fields to plant.  It also means that I will be flying solo more often so he can stay in the fields longer.  But the fresh breezes airing out the house are so invigorating after this tiring winter full of busy-ness and grief.  Welcome Spring to our farm!