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Those Sexy little Words – Watchful Wednesday

Today, I’m continuing with Courtney’s The 25 Day Praise Plan – Marriage Challenge with only 12 more days until Valentine’s Day it’s time to take it up a notch a bit ladies!

What are the Sexiest words I can say to my farmer husband?  Honey, can I help you. Yeap!  Really sexy aren’t they! LOL

My husband loves having things done for him.  He loves it when I sort out his socks and stack them just so in his drawer.  He loves it when I get up with him and help him out in the barn at the ungodly hour of 5:30am.  He loves it when I just follow him around on the farm all day, lending him a hand with whatever task he has to do that day.

He loves me wanting to be close to him.

Did you catch that…. I have to WANT to be close to him.  Now, sometimes when he comes in from hauling manure and I can smell him from the bedroom hallway while he’s at the back door.  There is just no way I can say that I WANT to be physically close to him.   He just smells.  rotten.  like manure.

But that’s how my attitude smells, yeah, just like rotten manure.  When I sigh because he needs to go for errands all over Ontario and he wants me to come and it in the truck all day, do I exclaim, “OH cool, a 6 hr road trip!” or do I roll my eyes and say “ok, I’ll go get my book.”  You see, a rotten attitude.  I could spend the 6 hours talking with him and singing along on the radio.  Making a connection.  Instead, I get my Timmy’s tea and stick my nose in a book, only to pop it out when we get up towards Ann’s country, so I can look to see if we happen to stumble upon her road.

This week, I’m going to purpose to show him that I want to spend time with him.  I’m going to clear my timetable and create an OUR timetable and spend every extra minute I can with him.

Will you join me? Will you purpose to spend some extra time with your loved one?  Since, I’m not very creative would you mind sharing your favourite Valentine’s Day movie with me?