The Crimson Covered Farm Life

Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead

Does the perfect gift really matter?

It’s the middle of November here on the farm and I’m frustrated.  I’m attempting to come up with a list of perfect gifts to for each of the kids to have my husband preview and help me make final decisions.

Here’s the problem.  My kids don’t need any of these things.  They might want it, but they don’t need it.

One of the scars I received from going on our first mission trip years ago, caused me to realize that my kids and about 99% of their peers don’t really need anything from the local toy store.  My husband as soon as he steps on a toy or is unable to get into the playroom to dig out his favorite ice cream from the freezer starts complaining loudly that the kids have too many toys.  His suggestion is to toss them all out in the garbage.  That comment usually just starts the tears flowing, joy! thanks honey.

I’ve never heard a child say they have too many play things.  There is always something else that they would love to get their mitts on.  That’s their nature.  But their nature and my still aching scarred missions experience has me wondering why I am even  stressing over what to buy for Christmas.  I guess it’s because I’m expected to buy them gifts.  Every good mother enjoys shopping for that perfect gift for their precious child, wrapping it up in perfect paper with the matching perfect bow and placing it under the perfect Christmas tree.  Just so they can enjoy the 2.7 seconds it takes for dear daughter to rip through that paper and scream with excitment over their “perfect gift”, as they reach for the next one.

  My family were actually happy the first year I bought gift cards for everyone.  I actually enjoyed that holiday season!  I truly get more excitement and pleasure from checking out the back to school flyers and looking for the best buy on binders, then I do from anything Christmas.  Is that bad of me to admit?

So, what’s a girl to do?  Fake it, I guess.  I’ll make a list, check it twice and most likely add some school supplies to it.  Does anyone know where to find an orange three holed punch to put into a stocking?