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Supplies for a homeschool.

One of my favorite places to hang out, after at Joanne’s place, a quiet museam, facebook, and pinterest is The Well-Trained Mind Forums.

The other day one of the newer members asked what we would suggest as a list of things she would need for supplies for a homeschool.  The ever faithful Mom’s quickly jumped to work listing items that they just love in their classrooms.  Being the bit of a brat that I am, this is what I wrote.

I would suggest the following..

A wig so when you pull your hair out you can still answer the door for the fed-ex guy without him thinking you’ve been attacked.

Four extra hands and an additional set of legs. Of course, if you can just split yourself in two or three that works better.

A spare brain or two, because it’s hard to jump from Advanced algebra to remember exactly when the War of 1812 actually ended.

Googly eyes are good, but the extra pair of eyes on the back of your head will need glasses also as the kids get older, so order a spare pair of eyes and glasses now, they take forever to arrive.

A steel lined stomach for the science experiments that you would traditionally gag through. Don’t cheap out and buy the nylon lined one, it won’t be enough.

A strong back bone for yourself and your children for when well meaning frienemies ask stupid questions about your qualifications to homeschool and the pop quizzes that they feel is appropriate to give your children.

Nerves of steel, just to teach them to drive someday. I’m still recovering from the first child and the second born just turned 16. Lord, please have mercy.

Steel toes if you walk around bare foot because if something can be dropped it will be dropped on your feet. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Otherwise, steel toed boots, although I could totally see Joanne walking around in these steel toed high heels on the job site! LOL

Oh, and don’t forget to order the spare tongue and mouth assemble, makes use you buy the set that speaks blessings and encouragement to your children and to you every single day.

Did I forget anything??? I can’t remember, I think it’s time for another spare brain!

I love what Chris is VA added, “Don’t forget the maid, cook and chauffeur so you can school w/o stopping to do chores, make meals, or drive to lessons and field trips… ”

Icelmer also suggested, “sunshine in a schoolroom.”

So, I think this covers a basic list of supplies for a homeschool classroom.  What do you think?