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The Purpose of Proverbs

This Christmas we bought our younger children their own New Living Translation Study Bibles.  For our young daughter we selected a purple NLT for young ladies.  For our young son we selected this red leather-like Bible.  When we started homeschooling our children in September 2011, I wanted to make sure we spend time as a family learning more about God’s scripture on a daily basis.  In all honesty, we haven’t sat down for daily devotions as a family each morning, although it seems like everyday I’m given an opportunity to show how awesome God is through our studies.  There was and still is a deep longing for  us to be able to sit and follow along together as we read scripture.  With so many different versions of the Bible laying around in this house you’d think I’d be able to find three copies of the same version for us to use.  No such luck.  So, I ordered some for Christmas gifts.

Along with a daily “chewing of the daily bread”,  I wanted passages of scripture that my children would start to memorize.  I’ve felt lead to train my children to start reading one Proverb everyday and after reading Proverbs 1:1-7 I found the first passage for my children to start memorizing.

I created our first Monthly Memorization poster and you can download it here as a Google Document.   I’ve put a chart for the month on the poster so your child can check off each day that they’ve said those verses.

I don’t want my children stressed by this new adventure.  I want to surround them with scripture that they re-read every day until they just start to realize that they have memorized it.  What does scripture learning look like at your house?  Please drop me a line and let me know what is working for you. God bless!