The Crimson Covered Farm Life

Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead

Second Semester

Today marks the first day of our second semester homeschooling.  I’m extremely happy at the progress my kids have made so far this school year.  I was looking over their I.E.P.’s and filling in the dates when they had completed specific goals and be moaning that we were three weeks behind in History.  I started to beat myself up emotionally about being behind in History and I stopped myself.  I realized that first of all, my kids weren’t getting a dedicated History course in public school.  Second, we were 3 lessons behind schedule because we were blessed with a field trip, an opportunity to bless another couple and I had been sick, so not getting a History lesson completed because we focused on Math, Science, and Language Arts while I was sick was completely fine.

I told Satan to take off.  I don’t want to spend my time as a homeschool Mom frustrated and angry with myself because a lesson doesn’t get done on the day I slated it four months earlier.  I know that I won’t do everything perfectly as a homeschooling Mom, and no one says I have to be perfect. I just need to keep following the my Lord who grants me perfect peace.  And that makes perfect sense to me!