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Texting rules!

Our family has recently started down the road of ipods and msn chatting. With that journey came the need for some texting rules and guidelines on how technology will be used in our home.  We wanted our texting rules and guidelines to reflect our Judeo-Christian values.  So, after some researching online and many discussions with our teens, we have  come up with our family’s Electronic Communication Rules, aka our Texting rules!  We don’t expect these rules to work for every family, each family is unique in their own way and your rules should reflect your unique family members and values.

  1. Our ladies will not text any young man first.  If he wishes to contact you, then he will.  Our ladies need to be acting in a manner that shows virtue on their part, at all times.  If any young man asks to meet with you privately, you need to direct him to your Father and stop all communication with him until he contacts your Father.  Your obedience to this rule will protect your honor.
  2. Our young man, will only text a young women if he has the father’s permission to do so.  Our son will be honorable towards all young ladies when communicating with them.  He will never ask to meet with a young woman until he has sought out her Father and asked for permission to do so.
  3. No texting strangers.  Even if it’s your friend’s friend, you may not text them unless your parents have meet them at least once.  You must not send messages for your friends.  They can send their own messages themselves.  Do not get sucked into drama.
  4. No texting after 9pm on work/school nights, 10pm on other nights.  No texting before 8am. No texting before you are ready to go for the day.
  5. No texting or checking devices during meals and until meal chores are done.
  6. Device must be off or on air plane mode while you sleep at 10pm.
  7. Work texts allowed but no horseplay between 8AM – 3pm on school days.
  8. All texts could be monitored by either parent at any time.  If you refuse to allow full access to your iPod/texting device you will surrender it to your Father for a length determined by him.
  9. Church events, Family events, Movie theaters, basically places where people gather to focus on something specific the texting must be off, the phone on vibrate or off.  Don’t get me started about in the Sanctuary at the church, that will never happen or your iPod/phone will be crushed.
  10. If you would not say it in person, then do not text it.  If you would not say it to your parents or Jesus then don’t text it.  Your integrity is more important than a good laugh with your friends.
  11. Do not give out personal information like your address, phone number, social insurance number, secret passwords via a text.  This is just common sense.
  12. No sending pictures of yourself or anyone else without getting your parents approval first, “remember the 2 year old snowman story??”  Enough said.
  13. If you are driving, turn the phone to airplane mode or shut it off and place it in the back of the vehicle.  Your texting friends do not want to attend your funeral.
  14. Having a phone/iPod/or Wi-Fi access is a privilege in this house and that privilege can be revoked.
  15. English please, if I have to look up texting lingo it will annoy me and you don’t want to annoy the parent who writes the rules.
  16. These rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of your parents.
  17. The goal of these rules is to protect you; we as your parent love you and want what is best for you.  As you get older obviously some of these rules will disappear.  But for the most part, these rules are a fantastic way to live your life honorably wherever you go.